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Kay Thompson
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The Advocate, 9/28/2010: Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise by Sam Irvin — The multifaceted career and complicated life of Thompson gets a long-overdue examination in this rather breezy bio. The versatile entertainer is best-known to contemporary audiences for her scene-stealing turn in the 1957 Audrey Hepburn musical Funny Face, and a behind-the-scenes look at her feud with costar Fred Astaire makes for some of the book's most entertaining passages. But her legacy endures as author of the beloved Eloise books, vocal coach to Sinatra, Dietrich, and Horne, godmother to Liza Minnelli, and, with gossipmongers, for her long-rumored affair with Judy Garland, an allegation the author thoroughly dispels.
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