from Funny Face to Eloise
Kay Thompson
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The Endnotes Updated and expanded to over 500 pages, August 2014 Every fact in Sam Irvin’s book, Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise, has been substantiated, but the notes are so extensive, the only practical thing to do is to publish them exclusively on this website in their complete and unabridged form. Far more than just a sterile list of sources, these exhaustive endnotes encompass hundreds of pages of sidebar extras, including biographies of Thompson associates, tangential essays, commentary, letters, columns, liner notes, lyrics, trivia, and other supporting documentation.   Each note begins with the corresponding page number, followed by a "trailing phrase" to pinpoint the reference. All unattributed quotes are from exclusive interviews conducted by the author. A comprehensive list of the interviewees appears in the Acknowledgments in the back matter of the book. The author welcomes any additions and/or corrections for future updates.
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